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  Why Hire a Workplace Strategy Consultant?

1. Attain Value 
Position your organization to respond to complex global economic trends, changing business environments and the pressures of corporate leadership to demonstrate shareholder value and show financial performance in your real estate and facility assets.

Why S3I ?

   At S3I, we are showing clients new ways to think about their workplace. We work with each client individually to develop and implement strategies that lower their   real estate operating costs, attract and retain top talent, maximize productivity and increase holistic work practices. By enabling employees to work whenever and wherever they can be most productive, we help our clients optimize their real estate portfolios and dramatically reduce their real estate operating costs. And because our innovative workplace strategies require less space per person than traditional office designs, our clients enjoy the added benefit of reducing their global carbon footprint. 

Our team of seasoned professionals collaborates with clients’ human resources, information technology and real estate departments to create customized 
solutions that are in line with their corporate culture. From data gathering, analysis reporting, test fitting plans to follow-up and reinforcement, our team offers a full spectrum of services with a qualified team of specialized professionals. 

Assessment services identify the opportunity and potential. 

Design services to create new workplace solutions. 

Let us demonstrate our abilities with an interview. Our case studies prove past savings and increased productivity!
Call 202 253 4235 for an appointment.
We work where you are. Our clients are located from coast to coast. 

2. Goal Alignment
Develop an integrated planning strategy which can facilitate meeting your business objectives, significantly reduce property cost and improve your business performance. 35% of most organizations balance sheet are in the real estate and facility assets. 
3. Pay Off's for Proper Planning
Identify and correct facility and workplace inefficiencies or malfunctions at the most effective time to deliver value in the early planning stages. For example, incremental improvements in your building operating efficiently are possible; however, avoiding a particular building altogether and leasing instead, a building with improved space utilization may deliver maximum cost reduction. Minimizing move churn has greater impact than lowering the cost per move. Business productivity and talent retention enabled by the right workplace generates profit.

4. Increase Space Utilization with Flexible Work Plans
Evaluate  trends in your industry and create a flexible leasing, property management or workplace strategy which allows leadership to steer you into the future, prepared and ready to succeed. 
5. Enable Your Real Estate Team to be More Competitive
Hiring a seasoned professional to identify spatial and organizational requirements up front allows the commercial real estate team to "shop" for the right size space in the most efficient building from the start. Minimize the amount of time it takes to " find the right building" and satisfy your client's with an accelerated and accurate space to lease while assuring the best fit and maximizing your profits.
6. Implement Sustainability Programs
Sustainability is no longer an act of goodwill. Requirements are becoming mandated by Federal and County regulations. Corporations who establish themselves as leaders in the community by demonstrating proactive sustainability policies and programs not only save profits but create brand recognition for their organization. Think of the Apple campus in California which is completely self contained and " off grid". 
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