Evidence shows that a hospital's environment can play a significant role in patient experieince and outcomes. Healing design can improve a patient's outlook on care and ultimatley increase patient satisfaction. It can also streamline workflow and eliminate the possibility of medical errors. Evidence based design is essential for all of our healthcare work . 

We see trends in Healthcare leading to the creation of more natural environments by using elements of nature. Lighting from the outside in, use of color and more natural forms in circulation paths are a few recurring themes. The more innovative floor plans have incorporated corridors used as backstage areas for eliminating carts in hallways and the usual maintenace issues associated with a traditional floor plan.

The technology used in health care is changing so rapidly that any firm interested in helath care design must first understand the medical practices and procedures as a pre-requisite for design. Fortunatley, development in nanotechnology is helping with infection control and the associated consequences relative to infection control. 

S3I professionals have experience in hospital patient rooms, mental health facilities, nurses stations, recovery rooms, CATH labs, conference centers, auditoriums and LEED certified projects.

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